Helen Burrell

Design a new brand identity for an accomplished fine jewellery designer and goldsmith.

Helen came to me looking to overhaul her identity and publicity materials as she felt it wasn't a true representation of the quality of her work. As Helen's jewellery is all made by hand, I developed a hand drawn mark based on an H letterform, featuring intricate details seen in some of her jewellery designs. Working with Helen, I developed language to use alongside the identity, such as ‘Fine Jewellery Maker’ and ‘Meet the Maker’. I also took a series of photos in Helen's workshop which accompany the identity and showcase her making skills.

I explored a variety of different signage and way-finding options for Helen's workshop in Melbourne, Derbyshire, which made use of traditional craft techniques and the language system developed as part of the identity.

Additionally, I prototyped a selection of packaging materials including bags, boxes, and ribbons, which would meet customer expectations of how fine, handcrafted jewellery should be presented.

  Helen Burrell Fine Jewellery Maker

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