The Vanilla Barrel

Design a 21st century Scotch whisky brand which challenges category conventions and appeals to an international female consumer. D&AD student awards brief.

Whisky has an incredible number of aromas, more so than wine or any other beverage. Women are typically able to outscore men on their ability to identify these aromas.

The Vanilla Barrel takes its name from the traditionally feminine aromas identified in whisky, such as caramel, honey and, of course, vanilla. The Vanilla Barrel has been designed as a light, approachable whisky, which will appeal to women who may have always been interested in trying whisky, but were intimidated by the masculine reputation.

The label design takes inspiration from the stacks of barrels whisky is matured in and the vanilla orchid, from which vanilla pods are sourced.

  The Vanilla Barrel | Victoria Minchener Graphic Design

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